In choosing a good moisturiser for an elderly you care for, it’s important to choose one that is: 

It’s also good to ask a doctor which products are best so that the skin will be properly taken cared of (the moisturiser won’t cause irritation or micro wounds that can result in infections). 

Popular moisturing brands and categories 

Some of the most popular moisturiser brands are: 

Those products might contain additives such as panthenol and almond oil. Panthenol is a water-soluble and light ingredient that readily penetrates the skin. Almond oil has been used for centuries to soothe dry skin. 

Do moisturisers really work? 

First, moisturisers work by supplying a little bit of water onto the dry skin and with a bit of greasy substance, the water stays there. It may take hours before the water and other substances are lost from the skin (which is why you need to apply moisturisers every after several hours). 

When you apply the moisturiser, some of the water actually evaporates immediately but some also soaks in or penetrates the skin. To hold the water in, some oily substance is needed that blocks the evaporation of water. Some of the most common oily substances found in moisturisers are petrolatum, lanolin and mineral oil. 

Aside from water and oily substances (also called occlusives), moisturisers may also contain the following: 

Before you choose a moisturiser, it’s important to read the ingredients and ensure that it’s clinically tested for sensitive skin. 

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