One of the most challenging aspects of care for the elderly and people with disability is maintaining their proper hygiene. You need extra care in keeping their sensitive areas clean and dry. Their skin is already fragile and might be frequently exposed to sweat, dirt, urine and faecal matter. This can cause irritation, inflammation or infection to the person’s skin. 

Why wipes are good to use 

Bathing or rinsing with water is an effective way of washing away the dirt. However, soap and water might not always be appropriate in maintaining a person’s hygiene. For example, water can make a person feel suddenly cold and uncomfortable. Or, you might need to move and carry the person (which can lead to an accident or injury) to make rinsing possible. 

Instead, using wipes can make the task quicker and easier. Also, you can use the wipes more frequently and conveniently whenever the person has dirt and other unsanitary material on their skin. It’s truly a convenient way of keeping the person’s skin clean and dry. 

In addition, using wipes is safer than using toilet paper. It’s especially the case if the toilet paper is coarse for a person’s skin. That coarse texture can cause tiny cuts and introduce an opening for bacteria to go in. This can result in bacterial or fungal infections that might be hard to treat, given a person’s disability or lack of mobility. 

Choosing wipes 

When choosing wipes for the person you’re caring for, it’s good to consider the following: 

If you have questions about what wipes to choose, you can send us a message here. We can give you answers on the most appropriate products to use if you care for an elderly or someone with a disability. 

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