For those with incontinence concerns, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep. Patients might frequently wake up and the carers might have to change the sheets regularly. 

Thankfully, there are incontinence bed pads that protect the sheets and bedding. They absorb and lock away urine for better control of the mess. Because of the quick liquid absorption, patients can somehow feel comfortable while on their beds and the carers will have a much easier time with the clean-up. 

Choosing incontinence underpads 

Urinary incontinence affects millions of people, including the elderly and those with certain illnesses and disabilities. Because the problem is common, several companies have designed products that deal with how incontinence affects the patients’ sleep and quality of life. For example, there are now several brands of incontinence underpads that have convenient features that make the lives of patients and carers somehow easier. 

However, it’s important to make the right choice here so that the liquid mess will be best taken cared of. This is also important for the patients because whenever they get the sheets dirty (probably because of low-quality underpads), they feel more guilty and less confident. But with appropriate and high-quality underpads, patients will have fewer things to worry about and they will feel less of a burden every day. Their quality of sleep will also improve and this will also in turn improve their quality of life. 

To choose appropriate and high-quality incontinence underpads, you should think about the following features: 

Quick absorption 

First, quick absorption is essential to help control wetness as well as odour. This is also important for minimising skin irritation (especially for the elderly and patients with sensitive or vulnerable skin). Highly absorbent underpads often have interior layers that quickly absorb the liquids as well as lock them for optimum control. 


A bit earlier we also talked about minimising skin irritation. In line with that, it also helps if the incontinence bed pads are latex-free. Note that the pads will be in contact with someone’s skin for hours. We have to make sure that the pads’ material won’t cause allergies or irritations. 

Large coverage 

Aside from quick absorption and allergy-free construction of the underpads, we also have to consider other important functionalities. For example, the pads should have a large coverage so that they can adequately contain the liquids (to prevent them from flowing out). Although high-quality incontinence pads have quick absorption, their coverage should still be large enough for everyday use and unexpected cases. 

Quick disposal 

Quick and easy disposal is also an important product feature of incontinence pads. After all, the main purpose of these products is to control the mess and avoid the laborious clean-up. If the pads are easily disposable, it will be a quick change and the bed will be ready again immediately. 

Handy and multi-purpose 

The incontinence underpads should also be handy and multi-purpose. For example, it helps if you can also use them to cover car seats and couches (such as protecting them from pets that might make a mess there). Many people have also used the underpads to cover car seats when they take the elderly or other patients to and from the doctor. 

When choosing and buying incontinence underpads, look for products with quick absorption, allergy-free material, easy disposal and multi-purpose use. This way, you can get the best value and ensure that it will do a great job in making the patients feel more comfortable. 

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