Precise Thick-N Ready Water 185ml Mild Level 2 C24

Box of 24

The Precise Thick’N Ready range of refreshing drinks, meticulously crafted for ease and enjoyment. Each ergonomically designed cup ensures a secure grip, offering unparalleled convenience. Available in three viscosities—mildly, moderately, and extremely thick—identified by color-coded labels, these drinks cater to diverse preferences.

Our Pear Juice variant is also available unthickened, boasting 4.4 grams of dietary fiber per serving—a nutritious choice.

Experience a burst of refreshing flavors with every sip of Thick’N Ready cups, designed to be hydrating and satisfying. These drinks are renowned for their rich flavors, pleasant mouthfeel, and absence of any bitter aftertaste.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits:
Full of Flavor: Enjoy a wide array of refreshing flavors.
Convenient 185mL Serves: Perfectly portioned for ease and enjoyment.
24 Cups per Carton: Provides flexibility in flavor selection.
No Preparation Needed: Simply peel and sip.
Ergonomic Design: Features a stable base and non-slip grip areas.
No Need for Additional Cups or Glasses: Drink directly from the convenient cup.
Freeze/Thaw Stable: Maintains quality through temperature changes.
Color-Coded Foil Peel Top Lids: Easy identification and access.

Ideal for patients and residents alike, our Thick’N Ready drinks ensure satisfaction and hydration without the hassle, setting a new standard in convenience and quality.