Precise Thick-N INSTANT Single Serve Sachets 4.7ml B100

100 Sachets

Precise Thick-N INSTANT Sachets, the latest innovation for simplifying beverage thickening for individuals with dysphagia.

✓ Accommodates all IDDSI levels in one box—simply add the required number of sachets to achieve precise viscosity.

✓ Easy tear, squeeze, and mix design for effortless preparation.

✓ Convenient and accurate dosing—grab a sachet and go.

✓ Offers flexibility with 1, 2, or 4 sachets per IDDSI thickness level.

✓ Each box contains 100 sachets, ensuring long-lasting supply.

✓ Includes all the benefits of Precise Thick-N INSTANT, such as neutral flavor and suitability for dietary restrictions.

Shelf life of 12 months from manufacture date at ambient temperature; no refrigeration necessary after opening. Discover the convenience and reliability of Precise Thick-N INSTANT Sachets for managing dysphagia effectively.