Non-stick Pad – All Sizes

  • Absorbs 8 times its own weight
  • Can be cut to size and paired with Medstock Film or Fixer to make island dressings
  • Gives fast controlled absorbency of exudates and is constructed to avoid strike through

Medstock Non-Stick Pad – All Sizes is your go-to solution for pain-free wound care, crafted to ensure comfort and protection during the healing process. This sterile, low-adherent dressing features a unique heat-laminated porous film and an absorbent pad capable of soaking up to 8 times its weight. Its lightweight, breathable design allows for unrestricted movement, making it perfect for daily activities and sports. The non-adherent pad ensures pain-free removal, ideal for sensitive skin and delicate wounds. Available in various sizes, the Medstock Non-Stick Pad guarantees effective and hassle-free wound care for everyone.