iD Protect Bed Pad – All Sizes and Absorbency

iD Protect disposable bed protector is suitable for all levels of incontinence and for children who suffer from bed wetting. Designed for a high level of comfort the bed pad is ideal for home use. The unique cushion design gives fast absorption and distribution of liquid and also prevents leakage at the sides. The bed wetting mattress protector is ultra soft and flexible with a stable core. You will feel secure and protected using iD Protect bed pads.

  • Convenient pack size of 30
  • Disposable protection for ease of use
  • Unique cushion design enables fast absorbing and distribution of liquid keeping you dry for longer
  • Soft and comfortable in range of sizes to suite all your needs
  • Flexible and stable core when shaking the bed pad
  • Latex Free
  • Dermatologically tested