Flavour Creations Thick NC Chocolate 175ml 4 Extreme 900

Box of 24

Flavour Creations’ pre-thickened, nutritionally complete supplements are tailored to support individuals managing dysphagia, ensuring adequate intake of protein, energy, and vitamins. Free from artificial flavors and colors, the Chocolate variant comes in three viscosity levels, conveniently housed in the innovative Flavour Creations Dysphagia Cup. This cup’s distinctive design, featuring a textured surface and ergonomic shape, enhances grip and control, facilitating easier drinking. Moreover, the large foil pull tab simplifies opening, making it accessible for individuals with fine motor skill challenges to enjoy their drinks more independently.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, handle and store food and drinks according to your site’s Food Safety protocols. For serving vulnerable individuals, adhere to the ‘2 hour / 4 hour rule,’ refrigerate between servings, and discard any leftovers after 24 hours. Product viscosity remains stable beyond food safety time limits. If on a Texture C diet, consult a Speech Pathologist and/or Dietitian before use. This product is a nutritional solution and formulated meal replacement, not intended for total diet replacement.

Appropriate for these diets:
Gluten Free, Halal