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Enfit Enteral Syringe single use


Recommended for use in:

  • Bolus enteral tube feeding.
  • Administration of water flushes through feeding tubes.
  • Administration of medications.
  • Aspirating a feeding tube.

Direction for Use

  • Administer feed and fluid in a controlled manner.
  • Avoid using too much pressure or administering contents too quickly.
  • When administering feed or fluid, if you experience a large amount of resistance, disconnect the syringe and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Follow appropriate hygiene guidelines including hand washing and storage when using feed, tubes, feeding sets and syringes.
  • Flush, clean and use/reuse your syringe as directed by your healthcare professional. The cleaning instructions for reusable syringes are to be used as a guide only.


  • Single use syringe: store in clean, dry environment. Discard single use syringes as per manufacturer’s instructions.