Brava Mouldable Ring

A mouldable ring is used to create a better seal between the stoma and the appliance, thereby protecting the skin against stoma output.


The Brava® Mouldable Ring is highly durable and resistant towards dissolving, enabling it to maintain a better fit during weartime. It is easy to use and can be moulded to fit your body shape. This ensures a durable, better fit between your stoma and baseplate. The Brava® Mouldable Ring comes in a 2.0mm and a 4.2mm thickness.

Key benefits

Easy to mould into the required shape, so it fits snugly around the stoma and seals the gap between stoma and baseplate. It adheres well to the skin, even over dips, creases and folds.

Helps to keep skin healthy by protecting it against output and absorbing skin moisture. The ring is not easily broken down. It directs output away from the skin and out into the pouch.


Pack of 30.