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Avanos Farrell Valve Enteral Gastric Pressure Relief System with ENFit Connector

The Avanos Enteral Drainage & Decompression solutions feature state-of-the-art products created solely for enteral use. The Avanos FARRELL* Valve System is a closed reservoir system intended to allow the evacuation of excess gas and drainage/collection of enteral feeding formula and gastrointestinal tract contents from patients utilizing an enteral device.

Product Features

  • The bag is vented to allow the escape of gas, while also providing a container to retain excess formula in a closed system
  • The FARRELL* Valve provides a channel to constantly decompress the stomach, allowing the stomach to fill at its own pace
  • The closed overflow reservoir prevents caregiver exposure to gastric contents
  • The system features EQUILIBRIUM TECHNOLOGY™ and ENFIT™ Enteral Connector