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Alprep Pad

Alprep Pad is a two-in-one cleansing and debridement tool, rated by clinicians as effective and convenient to use. The dark grey foam is for loosening and the light grey foam is for absorbing and capturing – loosen first or absorb first, depending on the wound. The special triangular shape and an ergonomic grip provides comfortable handling, ease of use and increased control, giving you flexibility to reach areas in the wound where debridement is needed. The specially designed packaging ensures convenient use, as the case can be used to hold and wet the pad. Alprep Pad can be used together with whatever irrigation solution you prefer or in accordance with your local practice. When you are finished you can reuse the packing for the pad before disposing of it properly.

Key benefits

Two tools in one. The open structure of the dark grey foam is for loosening. The light grey softer foam is for absorbing and capturing.

Designed for improved absorption. Unique slits design increases the absorption and capture loosed slough, non-viable tissue and biofilms.

Easy and convenient to use. The special triangular shape makes for comfortable handling. The packaging can also be used to wet and hold the pad.

Pack of 5.