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Chronic wounds can get worse and lead to a serious infection or other further complications. As a result, it’s critical to treat chronic wounds properly and use the most appropriate products in wound care and management. 

Common causes of chronic wounds 

Many chronic wounds are often caused by injuries and underlying medical conditions. Some of those causes are: 

Wounds can undergo a slow healing process often because of the following: 

Treating chronic wounds 

The body undergoes natural healing. Our job then is to aid natural healing and prevent infection and other serious complications. Some of the ways to accomplish that are: 

Even with regular and effective wound care and management, serious complications might still arise. Consult your doctor right away if you or the person you care for experiences any of the following: 

The key here is to keep monitoring the chronic wounds and see whether they’re getting worse or better. It’s also essential to address the underlying cause (e.g. poor diet, consistently high blood sugar) so that natural wound healing will be a bit easier and faster (and prevent further complications as well). 

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